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The application allows users to select results for different species, years, seasons, and colonies and display them on a map.

The maps depict kernel distributions or probability density functions overlaid over all available data points that are based on the selection criteria.

The polygons displayed represent, with increasing colour intensity, the 25%, 50% and 75% probability contours of these functions. In other words, the maps display the likelihood of birds within a given selection being in the area given the data available.

The application allows for comparison of up to eight selections displaying the different distributions in differently colored polygons on the map.

To add a new selection with different criteria use the red "plus" button in the bottom right corner of the selection bar and another kernel layer is added to the map.

Information about the selection, such as the number of valid individual locations, number of colonies, individuals, days included in the selection is shown on the bottom of selection bar to the left of the map.

Maps displaying several seasons (i.e. "all seasons") and/or several colonies (i.e. "all colonies") are composites of included individual seasons and/or colonies with data.

Accessing the SEATRACK file-archive

You need to be logged in to access the file-archive. If you do not have an account you can apply for access by signing up below.

The file archive stores processed products from the project such as shapefiles and mapping tools. Products are regularly updated when new data become available.

The data collected within the scope of the project are the shared property of SEATRACK and project partners and should not be published or distributed to a third party without written permission from SEATRACK. You can request data for publication purposes and permission here.

Access to the file archive is reserved for the funders of SEATRACK, project partners and parties contracted by the government or industry bodies which fund SEATRACK. Access is granted on temporary basis, 6 months at a time.

If you are not a project partner, funder or contracted by a SEATRACK funding body you can contact to apply for access.

All account requests must be evaluated and approved on behalf of SEATRACK. You will receive an email when your request has been processed (normally within a week). Access is granted temporarily on an individual basis. 

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